The Random Discovery Engine

We love Google!

How can you not? When we have a question, we turn to Google. When we're after specific information, we turn to Google. When we want to find out who scored the winning goal for Aston Villa in the 1982 European Cup final against Bayern Munich, Google has the answer. God bless Google!

But Google isn't a search engine. It's a find engine. Search is a journey. Google isn't the journey, but more so the destination.

What is Squerch?

Squerch is the journey! A door into the deeper web. The discovery of information that you didn't even know you were looking for. Stretching the search past the same old Google favourites at the top of the list. The chance to find a hidden gem of information that might have otherwise sat in Google's twilight zone forever.

Who are we?

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How to Squerch...

1. Enter your keyword(s) in the squerch box, hit the green button, and begin your journey into the deeper web

2. If you're not interested in the random page you're taken to, click Squerch Again to look for something new

3. Feel free to squerch for something completely different by entering new keywords in the squerch box

4. When you do find a site that rocks, don't forget to spread the word by clicking 'share link'. Increase the peace!